What are Refenze sponsorship opportunities?

We in the Refenze family are looking for brand ambassadors and athletes that are passionate about fitness. We sponsor people/events that fit our Refenze philosophy.


Refenze currently sponsors

  • Refenze athletes sponsorship is for any upcoming or professional athletes that are inspiring in their fields like, Bodybuilding, men's physique, football, CrossFit etc. Unlike other companies, we are very exclusive about the athletes we pick to represent our brand.


  • Refenze Ambassadors is great for anybody who is an everyday athlete or enjoys training. Our ambassadors are people who are passionate about our brand and product. We often future our ambassadors on our social media account and website. Our ambassadors can also apply for our affiliate program. 


How to apply:

Fill out the form bellow and write something about yourself. 

  • Where you´re from?
  • Age
  • Social media profile
  • Ambitions

Our sponsorship team will contact you shortly after you have applied.